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    Age Restrictions

    Responsible players as young as 12 years old may play at “Ironsight Airsoft  “. Those players with no Trigger Control, Self Discipline, or lack of respect will be ejected from the field. Players under the age of 18 must have a guardian sign a waiver prior to each day of play. If multiple players arrive with a guardian, that guardian my sign responsibility for all players.

    Battle Rules

    • Knives, Rubber - No minimum engagement distance
    • Pistols- 350 FPS max  0ft min. engagement distance
    • Shotguns- 350 FPS max 0ft min. engagement distance
    • Sub machine guns- 350 FPS max   0ft min. engagement distance indoors. Semi- auto intside. Full–auto outside and 20ft min. engagement distance. Folding stock or wire stock or no fixed stock or collapsible stock weapons. Max length is 18 inches.
    • AEG/GBB- 400 FPS max 20ft min. engagement distance. These are usually m4/AK replica assault rifles.
    • Support Weapons- 450 FPS max 50ft min engagement distance. Not for intra-building play. You may be positioned indoors to shoot targets outdoors. Barrel must be exposed from the inside.
    • Sniper- 550 FPS max 100ft min. engagement distance. Not for indoor play. May be positioned indoors to shoot targets outdoors. Must have a long barrel, Magnification scope and hard stock.
    • Grenades- Allowed Nades are Sound/Simulated flash grenade (Thunder B type), Tornado type. The Kill zone is 20 feet in all directions and if set off in a room or structure all players inside are dead.
    • Grenade BB shower- 0 eng distance. Contact kill or direct fire and ricochet still counts.
    • Cold smoke – is allowed less than 100f. NO pyro tech or flame of any kind.
    • Grenade Nerf Rockets- Not for personal engagement. Fire at targets, rooms or vehicles. Not for inside use. Can shoot from inside to outside just not down the hallway.



    • Full seal goggles/glasses must be worn at all times while on the field. Face masks are highly encouraged. Half steel masks to go along with eyepro are ok as well.
    • Knee pads, Elbow pads are highly recommended.
    • All players must have a DEADRAG on their person at all times.


    General Ammunition/Magazine Restrictions

    • Biodegradable BB are highly encouraged.
    • .20, .25, weight bbs are allowed.
    • Any steel, glass or other exotic bb’s are STRICTLY prohibited.
    • Low or mid cap mags are encouraged. High cap magazines are allowed but only one per person is allowed on the field at a time.


    General Conduct and Gameplay

    • Semi auto only is allowed inside any structure
    • Full auto is permitted outdoors.
    • A player may fire full auto into a building as long as the player and her/his gun is out side the building.
    • Try to aim for center mass of the body at all times.
    • No parlay or bang rules
    • All body hits count. Friendly fire counts as well
    • Hits on a players weapon does not count as a hit
    • Blind Fire is STRICTLY prohibited
    • Magazines will remain OUT of all weapons inside the staging areas and parking lot
    • All roofs of all structures are off limits
    • Alcohol is not permitted on the property
    • Drugs of any kind is not allowed on the property
    • DO NOT CALL “Cease Fire” –unless
    • There is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. You cannot call cease fire to pick up an item you have dropped during game play.
    • If there is a person that has lost their eye protection. At that moment please try and shield that person from random fire and protect until that player has placed their eye pro back on.
    • If there is a medical emergency please yell “CORPSMAN” until a staff member has arrived on the scene.

    If at anytime we feel a player does not have the capacity or inclination to play safely and responsibly , that player will be escorted off the field.

    These Rules are for your safety and will be enforced throughout gameplay.
    Any questions are to be handled by STAFF only



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